Reference Dates in iOS and the 24 Hour Clock

I recently came across a bug in one of my iOS apps due to NSDateFormatter’s handling of a user’s 24 Hour clock setting on their iPad. The app automatically synchronizes a series of objects to the user’s device when the app launches. Typically, the sync service will get the max LastModified from each of the […]

FAQ Enterprise iOS App

Building a Custom FAQ App for Your Enterprise iOS Users

Our IT office at the Department of State is in the process of transitioning the majority of our mobile users from BlackBerry devices to iPhones and iPads over the next month. In preparation for the upgrade, our customer support team developed a frequently asked questions (FAQ) document that contained several tips and tricks to help […]

U.S. State Department Travel

Implementing an iOS SDK for’s Data API

Recently, the Public Affairs office at released the Select Data API, which exposes several datasets that are published and routinely updated on When I heard about the API, I was really excited that the State Department would be publishing portions of the official travel data for the Secretary and began thinking of […]

More Thoughts On Mobile Web App Performance

Last week, I wrote about Drew Crawford’s analysis of the elements affecting the poor performance of mobile web apps. In my post I noted that performance issues for my own mobile web app project were related to a large number of elements inserted into the DOM and the resulting memory footprint rather than pure JavaScript […]

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